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Chicken Strip!

I've always have soft spot for comic strips, hence the name readilbert and today I present you Chicken Strip! The strip is in English with reference to Indonesia, anime, and life as a web developer. Read the about page of this strip.

Article Update

I feel guilty of writing 'see you next week', but in fact I keep postponing the date to post the article. The reason why I've been postponing it for weeks is because it feels like there's correlation between the first and next article.

I would love to go on a writing course when time permits.

After the first article, I got some questions:
(1) How hard is it to learn Indonesian?
Well, it depends, if you study in Indonesia, you'll pick it up in 3 months, and the environment helps, too. Foreigners are welcomed and adored in Indonesia. If you study Bahasa Indonesia abroad, probably around a year. In Australia, US, and Japan there are several places to learn Indonesian. For the rest of the world, I am not resourceful enough to point you to the right direction, my best bet is you can try asking the nearest Indonesian Embassy, there are scholarship to study Indonesian and the culture in Indonesian cities (even in Bali!) for a year. But you may have to pay for your own plane tickets.

(2) Where to buy Indonesian manga?
You can contact each publisher to arrange the delivery and terms of payment. Or to make things easier, find an Indonesian friend to help you, since the use of credit card in the Indonesian online business is almost none. We like cash better.

(3) How to pronounce Elex?
E in Lex Luthor and Lex in Lex Luthor. EH-lex. >:)

Malay but is actually Indonesian

I don't know why despite the location is Indonesia, this comic series is given The Malay Mysteries as a title. The website background is a pattern of Indonesian Batik and book four cover is of Javanese Wayang. :(

Let's not get into the Malay-steal-Indonesian culture useless debate since this is clearly a work of foreign publisher. My mind is spinning with the fact that mostly Indonesian artists who illustrated these books.

Anzu looked very beautiful in the Creators page. Very different from what in Nakayoshi a few years ago.

After a lot of reading, I found out that the principal writer for the stories had lived in Indonesia in his early age. My thought is that probably the title is like that just to make use of the repetitive initial. Something of which may raise a stupid debate all over again. Not that I think The Indonesian Mysteries would be a justifiable title.

After all, I am a nobody.

Shall anyone reading this journal and can speak Indonesian, head over to miManga.


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I'm sorry peeps!

This is not a friends-only announcement.
I just don't post here. :D